Learn How Republican Candidates Are Being Trained To Talk About Women

Instead of talking to candidates about understanding women, Republican leaders are being taught how to talk about us.

This article provides information on two-day sessions currently being facilitated for candidates and elected officials.

We have recommendations for the architects of these sessions:

(1) Instead of telling candidates to simply not refer to "legitimate rape," why not educate candidates about the number of women raped by people they know? Yes, 80% of rape victims are assaulted by someone they know.

(2) Instead of focusing on clever ways to twist facts and figures, why not spend some time in the shoes of working women, women caring for families, women facing the stress of unfriendly workplace policies, women trying to get ahead - get out of the cycle of low wages and trying to elevate their family income?

How candidates talk at us is far less important than how well they understand us, if they have walked in our shoes and if they represent us in elected office.
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